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Hey, guys!! How was your week? Mine went pretty well and now I am looking forward to Wednesday when I am going back to Bulgaria for Christmas and New Year's!! I'm in the holiday mood and while trying to persuade myself into writing my assignments, I stumbled upon some great nail styles. I decided to share them with you since they look amazing and in my opinion are pretty easy the recreate at home. Some of them contain glitter and shimmer, which is perfect for all the parties during the holidays :) Which is your favorite look and would you try to do it yourself? Let me now in the comment section below!

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It has been a while since my last post because of the great change in my life: I moved to Rotterdam to start my bachelor studies!!! Those of you, who are following me on Instagram, have been in track with my life and for the others I apologize for my absence :) I have been very busy the last three months since I had to find a place to live and start my new life here. I also had my first university exams at the beginning of November, which was hell! :D I really like Rotterdam but my only complaint is the weather in the Netherlands in general. I don't think I could get used to it since the combination of cold, rain and heavy wind is not pleasant for anyone :D I would try to update my blog more often from now one, so keep in touch guys!! Have a great day :)

P.S. the photos are from September/October :)

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