New in my wardrobe: Jewelry


These are my new cross earrings and ring from Mango. I bought them last week and am so in love with them! Do you like them?

Earrings: Mango
Ring: Mango

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Spotted online: Zara Picks


Hey guys! I am sorry that I haven't been in touch for a while but I was on a vacation in Sunny Beach and didn't have the time to post. I had a great time and will try to share some photos of my journey in the next few days! Anyway, because of the sale season today I decided to post some of the clothes I would love to buy from Zara for the summer.

I have always wanted a long jumpsuit and what I love about this one is that it is white and has open back. This piece of clothing will be great for everyday when worn with flats or sandals and could be perfect for an evening out with wedges like mine from Zara, which you can see here.

The coral dress is my other favorite because of the bright summer color and again the open back. I will definitely wear it when going to a party on the beach because the coral red will fit my tan skin.
And the last one is the maxi jade dress, which is elegant and again has a great bright color like the sea- just for the summer. It will look amazing with my hair on a high bun and my new aquamarine color earrings from H & M, which you can see here.

So this is my list with wanted clothes from Zara, I hope that they will be soon in my wardrobe!
What do you think? Leave a comment :)

1.Open back jumpsuit
2.Dress with elasticated waist
3.Asymmetric dress
All from Zara

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Today's outfit post is with my new sandals from Killah! They look so great and are so comfortable, I adore them! I am wearing one of my favorite shirts from Dika, white shorts from H & M, my leather bag from Zara and the sandals from Killah. My sunglasses are from Mango and my bracelet is from H & M.
Do you like my outfit? If so leave a comment below :)

Shirt: Dika
Shorts: H & M
Bag: Zara
Sandals: Killah
Sunglasses: Mango
Bracelet: H & M

Here are more photos of my day out: 

I went to my favorite place in Sofia right now- The Memento Beach Bar. It is a great place to spend some time with your friends and have a cocktail. This place is a little piece of the seaside in the city and that is what I love the most about it! I am kinda sad that I am in Sofia when I want so much to go to the seaside :( I am going to Sunny beach on the 25th with some of my friends and I can't wait! I will have such a great time  there!! Hope you guys have a good day! xx

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New in my wardrobe: Sandals


Yesterday I went shopping and bought these amazing sandals from Killah. The moment I saw them I knew I must have them! They look so great with those studs and beads and are really comfortable! I think they go with everyday clothes and with a dress for a party or an evening out. I am sure that I will wear them all summer! Do you like them? I will try to post an outfit with them as soon as possible! :)

Sandals: Killah

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Today's outfit post is one of my favorite evening looks. I bought the dress from Zara for a special occasion- an annual celebration concert of my school. What makes it so beautiful is the small black and white print, which was the reason for me to buy it. The wedges are also from Zara and are great for both casual and formal look. I don't usually wear high heels or wedges because they are not comfortable but I had no problem wearing them for more than 10 hours. Do you like the look? If so leave a comment below :)

Dress: Zara
Wedges: Zara

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June 2012 Appreciation Post


Another month from 2012 has passed and I am grateful for the great time I had. June was full of fun, jokes, parties, hot weather, shopping, and good emotions. School had finally finished and I spent the first month of the summer having fun with my friends in Sofia and took a break from all the studying, drama and stress. I am both happy, but also kind of sad because there are only 2 months of summer left and after this everything would be the same again. Anyway, here are some pictures from June of me and some of my friends. The girl with the beige blazer is called Vesi and is one of my best friends and the funniest and most positive person I know! The girl in the picture next to the one with my new nail polish is Iva and she is a great friend and extremely beautiful girl that I love so much! You know Eli from my outfit post on the 28th, which you can see here. Yesterday she went to Germany for a month and I am gonna miss her crazy ideas and sweet smile so much :(
That is how I spent my June and hope that July will be even better, filled with positive vibes and great adventures! I wish you the same!

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One of my favourite outfits for this season. It is casual and comfortable and is great for everyday. I think that white is the colour of summer because it represents beauty and pureness and also looks great on tan skin. These are my new white shorts that I bought last week from H & M. My white and purple checked shirt is from United Colors of Benetton and my sandals are from Paolo Botticelli, a shop for shoes in Sofia. My sunglasses are from Ray-Ban. These photos are made on the roof of a building here in Sofia, where the view is stunning. Hope you like the look!

Shirt: United Colors of Benetton
Shorts: H & M
Sandals: Paolo Botticelli
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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