Lush: A dose of happiness


Why not start the day with porridge? Just not for breakfast, but under the shower. With an oatmeal soap bar? Today, I'll tell you about 6 Lush products I simply fell in love with!

Get ready for spring with Bell


Let's finish the stressful working week and welcome the party weekend with a little make up treat from Bell Cosmetics. Keep on reading to find out more about these babies!

Beauty picks of the month


Today I'll talk about my favourite beauty products this month, namely products by L'oréal and Nouba. The concealer and compact foundation are both a vital part of my daily make up routine, whereas the eyeliner and eyeshadow are for more edgy, evening looks. Scroll down to find out more about this month' beauty picks!

Skincode: Cellular Power Concentrate


Switzerland is famous for its long traditions in cellular therapy. The beautiful Swiss nature inspired the creators of Skincode to create products that stand for balance and harmony. With it's many years of experience on the cosmetics market, Skincode designs an intelligent dermatological skincare for all skin types.

Best of Budget: Bioten & Orzene


Днес ще ви представя няколко продукта, които намерих за много качествени и полезни за тялото и косата ми, а и най-вече са на изключително достъпна цена! Ако сте фенове на хубавата козметика, но не искате да харчите стотици левове за няколко продукта, тогава сте попаднали на правилната статия! 

CaseApp: Designed by you


As you already know, I'm a bit a case-addict and that's why at least once I month I get a new one for my collection. I recently stumbled upon CaseApp and immediately decided to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to design my own case! The website offers a great range of designs for Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, Samsung, etc. Check out what I created!

Lush: Easter Goodies


Easter is a holiday of traditions, myths, legends and spring rituals. On it we celebrate spring, the new beginning and renewal. Easter is colourful and vivid just like the new limited edition products by Lush Cosmetics.

Simply Skin: A Celebration of Femininity


Are you looking for an occasion to spend time for yourself? Celebrate your amazing femininity and tenderness with Simply Skin! I recently discovered this great brand, which offers a wide variety of hand-crafted, cruelty-free organic products for your body and face. As I have already mentioned a million times, I am a strong supporter for high quality natural cosmetics, so if you are too keep on reading!

Selvert: Radiance Regeneration


Winter isn't over yet. And I'm so desperate for some sun, casual walks and hangouts with friends outside. I think I'm fully prepared for warmer days, and by prepared I mean revitalised and positively charged. Here are a couple of products I'm currently using, which give my skin an extra boost. They do their job really well and keep my skin looking fresh.

Home Spa with Delarom


Good snow is essential for an unforgettable ski holiday in the mountains. It's not necessary to be in a spa hotel though, to spoil yourself a little. It's time for spa at home!

Coconut love


Нямам търпение да дойде лятото, а с него и прекрасните слънчеви емоции. Ето два продукта, чиято кокосова миризма ме кара да мечтая за топлите летни месеци!



Има една българска козметична марка, която винаги ще харесвам. Говоря за Бочко
There's one Bulgarian cosmetics brand I will always be fond of.  I'm talking about Bochko

Marsala: the colour of 2015


Marsala - the Pantone colour of 2015. I love it and I will tell you why!

Uriage: AquaPRECIS & Isoliss


Чувала съм много хубави отзиви за продуктите на Uriage и ето, че реших да ги изпробвам. 
I've heard a lot of positive comments about the Uriage products, so I decided to try them myself. 

Phytomer: Oligomarine & Souffle Marin


Phytomer е една от онези марки, чиито семпли и естествени продукти са подходящи за всеки. Така, че ако тепърва се насочвате към козметика за лице, опитайте някой техен продукт.
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