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Ti amo, Milano!


Finally, here’s a sum up post of my stay in Milan! When I think about it, I was there almost a month ago… time goes by so fast! Anyways, at least that’s a good distraction for me while being stuck with my thesis work haha! Milan definitely became one of my favorite cities because I fell in love with its urban vibes yet the traditional Italian spirit was present everywhere. I loved the diversity that this city has to offer and there’s always something to do, no matter the day or the time. Shopping, gelato, pizza, pasta, wine.. omg why am I not living in this country?! In the pictures you can spot some of the most famous sights around the city such as Duomo Square and Navigli canals. But stay tuned for a followup post where I will show you more of my other adventures in this beautiful Italian city!

Hair Care


It has been a long time since we featured hair care. Here are a few options for daily use for these of you with fine and damaged hair prone to tangling.

Ducray Extra-Doux*

According to Ducray, this is the family shampoo for everyday use. The product is super gentle to even the finest hair and due to its fresh and fine formula, it could be used by every member of your family. This shampoo is perfect for people like me who struggle detangling their hair every day. It leaves my hair supple, soft and shiny and smells amazing of fresh green apples. Surprisingly, not only is it gentle to the hair, but is also designed to take care of the environment as the bottle is completely recyclable, and the contents – biodegradable.

Rene Furterer Absolue Kératine Renewal Shampoo*

What you see in the photos is the travel size shampoo tube. It is very convenient to carry around in my handbag and is perfect to take with me during a weekend trip. The shampoo has qualities that repair even the most damaged and brittle hair, leaving it soft and moisturized. I like how bouncy, light and shiny my hair gets after I use it. Definitely worth buying the bigger size bottle!

Klorane | Shampooing à la cire de magnolia*

Magnolia is one of my all time favourite flowers. Not only because of how beautiful and huge its blossoms are, but also because of the plant’s amazing smell! This Klorane shampoo has a magical Magnolia complex for shine enhancement, it flattens the damaged hairs and evens out the hair from its roots. The shampoo is specially designed for daily use and is paraben free. I like that after using it, my hair is shiny and soft, and does not tangle during the day. If you are used to more than just one product,  Magnolia shampoo by Klorane goes with a conditioner and a hair spray for better and longer results.



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