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Тази седмица реших да ви представя един страхотен продукт на една от любимите ми козметични марки AvèneCleanance мицеларна вода.

В много мои предишни постове (тук & тук) съм ви споделяла колко съм доволна от продуктите на Avène. Разбира се и този не ме разочарова! Използвам мицеларната вода всеки ден, тъй като е перфектна за премахване на грим или освежаване на лицето! Но може да се използва и за цялото тяло! А ароматът й е просто страхотен!!! И не само аз останах изключително доволна: вкъщи е постоянна борба за тази мицеларна вода, тъй като и майка ми, и сестра ми са луди по нея! Така че, за съжаление, много скоро ще привърши хахаха! Както и да е, нека да ви кажа малко повече за действието и ефекта на този продукт.

Успокоява кожата ми от раздразнения и замърсявания като я оставя чиста, свежа и копринено мека! Премахва излишното количество себум, което прави кожата ми матирана и лъщенето изчезва! Този продукт е подходящ за всеки тип кожа, но е специално предназначен за чувствителна мазна кожа с несъвършенства. Така че, ако имате акне или други досадни кожни проблеми, мицеларната вода на Avene ще ги разреши! Определено препоръчвам на всеки!!! Бягайте към най-близкия козметичен магазин и пробвайте този страхотен продукт! Тук можете да разгледате останалите продукти на Avene!

In a couple of my previous posts (here here) I've told you how good Avene's products are. Of course, this one didn't disappoint me either! I use the micellar water every day since it's perfect removing your make up and refreshing your face! But you could also use it on your whole body! And it's scent is just amazing!!! And I'm not the only one, who's fascinated about it: it's a total struggle at home, since my mom and my sister are constantly "borrowing" it from me! They just love it! Unfortunately, if this keeps on going, it won't be long till the product's finished. 

This product really soothes, cleanses and leaves your skin clean, fresh and soft! The micellar water is suitable for every skin type but it's specifically created for oily sensitive skin with imperfections. So if you have acne or other skin problems the micellar water will solve them! I strongly recommend trying it out!!! Stop by at your local drugstore and try this magical product now!


  1. I have heard abt it before..will definitely try!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Great product review!


  3. Thanks for sharing! Would you say this is more of a makeup remover that you pour onto a cotton pad and then apply on your face or is this a cleanser that can be washed away with water? Thanks! xx


    1. It's a makeup remover and cleanser for your face but you don't need to wash it off after you apply it :)

  4. Nice pictures.. Haven't tried it, maybe i should :)


  5. Looks like a lovely product. Must try! (= x
    yourstruly-kyle.blogspot.com | kyle

  6. I'm very tempted to try it, thank you for the lovely post!

    Mandeville Sisters

  7. Amazing review and I have been looking for a new one to try as my Sephora micellar water is almost finished.

    Reflection of Sanity

  8. I've tried out this brand before, I really like their face mist spray :)


  9. This sounds really good, love that you can use it on your whole body! xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  10. Sounds like a great product! Great blog-I'm your newest follower! ;)


  11. Great review, really want to try this! Just added your blog to my reader :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  12. I love micellar water. Will definitely have a look at this one. :)

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  13. Fabulous post

    Love Vikee

  14. Sounds like a great product! I'd love to follow you back on GFC!!

    The Life of Little Me

  15. I really want to try this, I love Avene, everything is nice and gentle, which is what I need for my sensitive skin :)

    Laura x

  16. Hey.. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Yes i am following u .... now ur turn !

  17. Amazing micellar water! i love Avene


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