Family day


Днес бях на вилата при баба и дядо и отпразнувахме рождения ден на дядо! Забавлявах се, почивах си и се радвах да слънчевото време. Ядохме много вкусни неща, които майка ми сготви, играх с котката и кучето и си прекарах супер! Това са малко снимки от Instagram-а ми- @mpesheva :) Последвайте ме!!

Today I visited my grandparents and celebrated my grandfather's birthday! I had fun, relaxed and enjoyed the sunny day. We ate really delicious dishes that my mum cooked, I played with the cat and the dog and had a blast! These are some photos from my Instagram- @mpesheva :) Follow me!!


  1. Looks lovely! Hope the rest of your weekend is just as wonderful :)

    <3 dani

  2. The food looks soooo good !


  3. Your food looks so good :) I followed you on Bloglovin since I heard GFC is shutting down on July 1. Follow back? Again, lovely post!


  4. cool photos! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!


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