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Какво ново от La Roche-Posay? Днес ще ви представя два нови продукта от серията Lipikar, които марката предствя в България. Надявам се и скоро да ви споделя мнение за тях, след като ги изпробвам лично!

So, what's new with La Roche-Posay? Today I will share with you two new products from the range Lipikar that will be presented to the Bulgarian beauty public soon. I hope I get to share my honest opinion about them after I test them personally!

Първият продукт e Lipikar Baume AP+ и представлява липидовъзстановяващ балсам. Подоходящ е за суха и чувствителна кожа и се бори срещу раздразнения и сърбеж. Освен това помага за разреждане на пристъпите на обостряне. Отново, както повечето продукти на марката, не съдържа парфюми и парабени. Подходящ е за лице и тяло, както за възрастни, така и за деца и бебета. Предлага се два вида разфасовки: 200мл (34,25лв.) и 400мл (40,10лв.). Можете да научите повече за този продукт тук

The first product is Lipikar Baume AP+, which is a lipid-replenishing balm. It's suitable for dry, sensitive skin and works against irritation and scratching. Moreover, the product spaces out the flare-ups of severe dryness. As most of La Roche-Posay's products, this one is also fragrance- and paraben-free. It is suitable for both face and body, for adults and babies. You can find it in 200ml and 400ml package. You can find out more about this product here.

Вторият продукт е Lipikar Syndet. Това е съответният измиващ крем-гел от серията, който отново се бори с раздразненията и предпазва от твърда вода. Без сапуни, без парабени и без парфюми- отново чудесен продукт за чувствителна кожа, при възрастни и бебета. Освен това възстановява и запазва защитната бариера на кожата. Този продукт вече се предлага не само в опаковка от 200мл, но и в 400мл (29,34лв.). Повече за продукта можете да прочетете тук.  

The second product is Lipikar Syndet. This is the cleansing body cream-gel from the range, which also fights irritation and protects against hard water. Soap-, fragrance- and paraben-free: again, perfect for sensitive skin, for both adults and babies. Furthermore, the product helps restore the skin barrier. You can find it in 200ml and 400ml packaging. More about the product here


  1. I love that brand too!

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  2. Really nice post, and lovely review. :)

  3. They sound really nice, especially the first one since I get dryer around this time of year

    Yasmeen xx
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  4. These sound lovely, I'll definitely have to check them out x

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  5. Prekrasni produkti :)

  6. i use products from lipikar line around this time of the year when my skin starts to feel pretty dry. and these are great products, indeed!

    a possible fantasy

  7. Great review - thanks for sharing!

    - Deniz

  8. Nice review, the products will be great for the upcoming colder and drier months. :)
    - Madolline

  9. I love La Roche Posay. I do not use the lipikar range since i have oily skin but the effaclar is perfect for me. I tried more expensive brands and they did not do anything for me. So thumbs up for La Roche Posay.

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  11. I'm a big fan of this brand, and I sure will try this range once it's out since I suffer from dehydrated and dry skin :)

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  14. Both sounds amazing however, I am a little wary of products that's meant for both face and body. I think it's too general and I prefer something that is more targeted for face.

  15. Wonderful review dear. Its great to know its paraben free :)

  16. These products look amazing!
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  17. Great post and pictures, and thanks for introducing me to this brand!

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