Avon Big&False Lash Mascara Launching


Fall has begun and with it all events and launch parties you can think of. Here's one I was recently invited to - the launch of the Big&False Lash Mascara by Avon. The launch was more than what I had expected - intriguing, vivid, colourful, smoky. The most fun part was trying out the mascaras and then having to wink with your super big lashes to the bartender, who, being enchanted by your eyes, would give you a cocktail. By the end of the event, I think I was the enchanted one - having drunk almost two Black Russian cocktails. I met some very cool Bulgarian beauty bloggers that night, too. I'm looking forward to our next sporadic meeting, girls! As for the Big&False Lash Mascara, there is a review coming up, so stay tuned! 

Напоследък ходя на много и различни събития. Ето едно от тях - партито за лансирането на новата спирала на Avon - Big&False LashСъбитието беше интригуващо и цветно като организаторите се бяха постарали да го направят и интересно като позволят на гостите да изпробват продукта. Всяка гостенка можеше да си сложи от спиралата и след това да отиде при бармана, който омагьосан от огромните й мигли, да й поднесе коктейл. Към края на събитието май аз бях омагьосаната след 2 коктейла Black Russian. Успях да се запозная и с готини блогърки. Нямам търпени да се видим пак някъде, момичета! А за спиралата Big&False Lash, скоро ще напиша ревю, така че следете публикациите!

xx Lina


  1. Wow, fab event with beautiful people and I love the hats ;)

    The Flower Duet

  2. Any mascara that has anything to do with making your lashes look bigger has a special place in my heart, I'm excited to try this! It looks like you had a lovely night! x

    Violence & Fashion

  3. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  4. love these photos

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